Double The Speed of Your PC, Make It “Hacker Proof” and Triple Productivity

pc guy

If you’ve kept up with me for any length of time then you already know a slow computer equals less money.   The first thing I tell anyone looking to make money online is to get:

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Read and Grow Rich

baby reading

A question I get often is: “What books do I recommend to read if you want to become a better and more productive marketer?”

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Create Products That Sell Themselves

snuggie dog

Hey, I just finished getting off the phone with a coaching student and he asked me what the “secret” to making money while you sleep was, so I’ll answer it here:

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Is This Simple Mistake Costing You Sales?

cheesy salesman

Today I want to share a simple mistake that can cost you sales.

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The Lockdown Method – Get More Done

lockdown method

(Watch video in HD for better sound and picture quality.) If you enjoy this tip, please comment below and make sure you sign up for my daily marketing tips newsletter for more!

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What Is Your Road Map?

Onder Hassan

This post comes from Onder Hassan, he runs a great site on self-development, He’s an inner game ninja and he helps people double their self-confidence with his mind hacks. 

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Beware of New Year’s Resolutions

happy new years

Happy New Years! I wish you a day of love and happiness with your friends and family. Today’s email can help you avoid falling into the “new years resolution trap”. If you want to make 2013 the best year ever, DO NOT make a new years resolution.

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Are You Scared of Money?

scared face

Have you ever been scared of asking for money? I know I was. When I used to help out in my family flower shop, I was terrified of asking for money.

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Build Trust and Grow Rich

trust fall

Yesterday I visited my mom’s flower shop to say hi and while I was there, something interesting happened. I was sitting in one of the couches writing emails, when a young lady came in to buy flowers. I sat quietly and paid attention.

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(Q&A) How do you come up with product ideas?

idea light bulb

I just got off the phone with Dan, one of my elite coaching students. He asked me an important question, so I’ll answer it here. “Kris, I found my niche, but I’m still deciding what product to create. How do you come up with product Ideas?” Good question Dan, this is one I get often.

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